Winter Spa Day at Home

Winter can be a tough time when it comes to our health. From the lack of sunlight to the cold weather, winter can impact our skin and our wellbeing. But there are some ways to make it easier.

One way to feel better and treat your skin is by doing a winter spa day at home.

A spa day is the perfect way to relax and be pampered this winter season. It’s easy to do, doesn’t cost much, and it’s completely customizable.

Spas are wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a great way to destress, take care of your body, and give yourself some much-needed self love.

But not everyone can afford to go to the spa. In fact for many of us it is a luxury.

Here are some ways you can recreate the spa day experience at home. The treatments may be different, but you will still feel pampered and relaxed at the end.

Take a bath

In the winter months, a nice warm soak can be comforting and peaceful, leaving you feeling warm and relaxed. But don’t just take a bath, take the time to make it an experience.

Light Scented Candles

Light a few candles and fill your room with their scent. This will help set a relaxing mood by providing a soothing fragrance and soft lighting.

Start with a dry brush

Dry brushing is a simple technique that helps stimulate blood flow in the lymphatic system. It also helps exfoliate dead skin.

Use a soft natural brush and begin stroking your skin starting at your feet and moving upwards towards your heart. You can then brush your arms, beginning at your hands and working in towards your heart.

What to put in your tub

Epsom salt, essential oils, herbal tea, bubble bath, bath bomb or fizzies added to your bath water can help make your skin feel soft and silky. Many are fragranced with essential oils that have calming aromas.

If you add essential oil, be sure to add them to a little oil or body wash before mixing them into your bathwater. Otherwise they will float in your tub and not distribute properly. Worse, these undiluted slicks of oil could contact your skin and cause irritation.

Optionally, use some body scrubs to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Sugar scrubs are easy to make at home, and you can add different ingredients to them to create different scents. You can also buy a body scrub at the store. If you have already dry brushed, you can skip the additional exfoliation.

Lotion up

Once you exit the bath, you may want to treat yourself to a moisturizing body lotion or body oil. Professional spa days often include a massage, but since this is a little trickier to achieve at home just spend some time working a lotion into your skin. Don’t rush this and let this be your mini-massage.


It is easy to give yourself a pedicure at home if you are comfortably able to reach your own toes. You’ve just softened the skin of your feet and your toenails in the tub, so now is the perfect time to give those winter feet a little TLC.

Clip & Buff

Start out by trimming your toenails with a clipper. Toes should be cut fairly straight across to avoid ingrown toenails. You can then smooth them with a nail file.


Make or buy a sugar scrub and massage it into your feet, including your heels and ankles. Spend some time working it in to maximize the exfoliation. Stand in the tub and rinse your feet off under warm water. Pat your feet dry.

If you have one, take a pumice stone or foot file and gently file off any dead skin on the bottom of your feet and heels.


Apply either your body lotion, or a foot lotion to your feet. Lotions for feet often have invigorating ingredients such as peppermint but you can use any lotion or try a body butter if your feet are particularly dry.

Put some loose warm socks over your feet to allow the lotion to sink in, and to protect your floors from getting greasy spots.

Get into robe and slippers and settle in for an evening with a book and some hot tea. The perfect relaxation for a cold winters night.

Other tips

Don’t Forget the Music

Recreate the sounds of the spa by playing some relaxing music or nature sounds. You could play classical music, jazz, or something from your favorite musical genre.

If you’re not into music, try using white noise machines instead. These machines produce sound waves that mask other noises, making it easier to relax.

Get Comfy

If you have a comfy robe, this is the time to use it. After applying lotion you can get warm in a robe while your attend to your feet.

Take Your Time

In today’s busy world, we have a tendency to rush through everything. Even when there’s a day off, errands or even reading a book tends to be hurried through. For this to be a true spa day, you need to kick back and take your time. Savor each experience of the day.

Get Rid of all Distractions

Make sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn off your phone, your tablet, and your computer. Turn the ringer down on your landline, and consider disconnecting the doorbell. Leave the TV off, and let the newspaper wait. Ignore the outside world and focus on your spa day. Let yourself relax and rejuvenate by giving yourself a complete break from daily life.

A spa day at home can be just as relaxing and soothing as a day spent at a professional spa. With planning and thought, and the intention to truly enjoy it, you can create an experience that’s as rich and pleasurable as any you’ve had at a spa.

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