Make Your Own Herbal Eczema Salve

I have had bouts with eczema off and on my whole life.  I used to get it on my eyelids every winter which was an awful place to get it. Thankfully ...

What are Alterative Herbs and What do they Do?

What are Alterative Herbs? Alterative herbs constitute a broad yet slightly difficult-to-define category of important herbs. These are herbs that help the ...

How to Make an Herbal Mouthwash

Homemade Herbal Mouthwash Recipe to Keep Your Mouth Healthy Naturally Is mouthwash part of your oral hygiene regimen? It should be. In addition to brushing ...

The Electuary: A Sweet and Shelf-Stable Herbal Delivery Method

If you are seeking creative methods for sticking to your herbal regimen, consider the easy solution of a homemade herbal electuary. This concept has been used ...

7 Great Projects you can make with your Lavender Harvest

Known for its frequent use in cosmetics, medicine, and culinary., lavender can be harvested in late spring and summer or May, June, and July. After the ...

Herbal Solutions for Insomnia

When considering overall health maintenance and basic quality of life, few factors are more important than sleep. As we all know from experience, a night of ...

How to Make an Herbal Bug Bite Salve

We are easing into summer and, like most years at this time, are more than ready for it. After a long hibernation through winter and the short, but sweet, ...

The Unique Qualities of Adaptogenic Herbs

One of the treasures of herbal medicine is the group of herbs known as adaptogens. You might have heard of some of these referred to as “super foods” or seen ...

How to Make Dandelion Oil

If you are looking for a fun and easy DIY project, and would enjoy a new, nourishing moisturizer, try this dandelion-oil recipe. Yes, dandelion. That familiar ...

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