I began to make a conscious attempt to reduce the amount of chemicals in my life as I approached middle age. That is right about the time you shake off the immortality of youth and realize something bad could happen to you, not just someone else. I began making my own soaps, makeup, and body care products and became completely absorbed in particular with aromatherapy.

After 4 years of collecting notes about essential oils, carrier oils, butters and herbs from various sources I was feeling rather overwhelmed with how to organize it all. My dream was to have a way to not only store it in one place, but to be able to quickly search by blending notes, conditions, skin type and more. With a little website experience under my belt, I wondered if instead of creating an online business directory, I could create an online natural ingredients directory? After many months of research and deliberation about how to accomplish it, I finally found the right tool to build my database. I am excited to share this with you and hope you will find it helpful.

Here’s a few more things you might want to know:

  • The information in my profiles comes from multiple sources.  I may corroborate information with online sources, but I do not rely on them as my primary sources.  You can find a page listing the sources I use on this site. I am very picky about who I trust. I have studied research in health care fields during my graduate work and know how to evaluate sources.
  • Besides sharing a searchable database of plant materials, my other main goal with this site is to offer a reliable source of information and articles about using plant based therapy safely.  There is a lot of poor information on the internet. This is me stomping my foot down and saying NO!  Keeping people safe and healthy is my main concern. I hope to earn your trust as a reliable source.
  • I have intentionally kept the search parameters for the profiles very simple. I originally tried making the search filters more specific and more numerous, but it didn’t make it better. It made it more confusing. That said, if you think there is an important search criteria that I have missed, please let me know.
  • It took many, many hours to put this site together. There are two things you can do to help me out–first, share it with whomever you know that might benefit (including social media!); and secondly, accept that there are some commercial elements to this site. Using advertisements and affiliate links is the only way I receive any compensation for my time and for the writers I hire to help me. I would never compromise your trust, and only recommend products I believe in. I do not have control over the ads that ad networks display on this site–in fact, often the ads you will see are based on your browsing history.

To your health!